Friday, April 16, 2010

simon says

He said, "I am content".

1443. Paolo Uccello, painted the figures of the clock of Duomo. A one handed clock that tells time counter clockwise. This method was perfectly normal at that time. Today we have the words 'counter clockwise'. Time changes you, changes beliefs - with words, actions, fear...with so many emotions. I can tell you that at one point, I thought I could accept being content and the word settling became okay with me.

Until I realized how important words and their meanings use to mean to me. Happy. You can look that word up and the word contentment is listed as one of the adjectives. What made the hand of that clock described as 'counter clockwise'? Modeled after the hands of the sun dial. That is how clockwise came to be. Being true to myself with all the gratitude, dignity, anguish; with every emotion coming through...that is how I will choose to be happy.

He asked, "Why are you here?"

This is bigger than us. There is something here that we need help with and we can not do it alone. There is a meditation technique called Sufi meditation. In this type you have a mentor/Shaykh that leads you to find that connection in self examination. Maybe we need you to help us see our weaknesses, you are our Shaykh. I need to come out of this dark recess in my heart. To allow it to breath so that I don't suffocate everything else that is good. The 'bridge between illusion and reality'. 'See thru the eye of the heart'. I am doing the best I can at this moment, we are here because we want to do better.

And to you - JML - thank you. Forever a place in not only my heart, but my soul...always respect and admiration.

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