Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I hate how memories invade my EVERYTHING lately. In a couple of weeks, I will of course cherish them...I will embrace them...but today, yesterday and tomorrow - I CAN'T WAIT TO FORGET THEM!

Its so funny ow memories happen...I'm walking down the aisle at Target and pass the little kids section - BOOM! M-E-M-O-R-Y!. Or, I am driving down 15th street, see Sushi Sasa - BOOM! Hits you like a wave.

The thing about memories for me is that they normally make me stronger. I think of past things that have maybe hurt me, and I think "Be stronger than that" mind wanders to my happy memories and I am smiling again. Lately I am just weak. And missing the fact that I won't be making any new ones anytime soon. Except work ones and those will SERIOUSLY suck.

I also feel like I sound like I am 18 again. LOL. I don't know, I want to say so much more, I want to shout, to drive, to have the wind in my hair and feel nothing!!

Then again, I am someone who thrives on feelings. Ah the predictment I am in.

Ok, so this makes no sense but I think in a couple of weeks it will...lets hope

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